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Memorial Day Outfit Ideas

Memorial Day Outfit Ideas

Memorial Day weather is always hit or miss in Nebraska.  Undoubtedly, you will get rain or cold temperatures like we are experiencing this week and once in a while, you will get the absolutely beautiful weather where all you want to do is be outside.  So planning your wardrobe for this weekend can be a challenge.

I am someone that always loves to dress for the occasion with the newest red, white and blue tank or tee that we have in the store.  I am also a layers person. 

Walking around the store today, I spotted the perfect stars and stripes tanks along with basic V-neck tees and tanks in red, white and blue.  I, of course, went a step further and found some amazing jean jackets to layer with these items.  Another go-to of mine is a chambray shirt over the top of a tank or tee.  

Don't be afraid of color for your bottoms.  We have some pretty amazing shorts and jeans in patriotic colors and I will give a high five to anyone that is willing to go out of the box and wear colored bottoms. It is a nice change of pace from your everyday jeans. Shop all of my favorites HERE!

While your wardrobe may be a challenge for Memorial Day weekend, one thing is not, and that is spending time with family and friends, remembering those that are no longer with us, paying respect to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice by serving our country and thanking those that are still in service and protecting us today.  Happy Memorial Day!

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