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2019 Fall Market Finds

2019 Fall Market Finds

Market. The place that you go to buy all new things for your store, dive into the new trends, and cross your fingers that customers will LOVE everything that you are purchasing.

We recently got home from the Dallas Apparel Market and boxes are already arriving. Some even beat us home!  I have a love/hate relationship with Market, as you get to see all of the new trends, but it is also exhausting.  You go to one vendor, pick out what you like and put it on a rack.  Then my mom and I quality check every item before we officially buy.  We ask ourselves questions like: Do the stripes meet up where the seam comes together? Will this fit nicely? How’s the material? What is the price of the item? What is the length? Who do we see wearing this? Do we have too much of this color? What color should we get this in? Did we get something like this at the last vendor?  Once we answer all of these questions, we either keep it or put it back on the rack.  It is a complete mind game for 2.5 days!

After all of that, I will say that I LOVE coming home and opening the boxes because, after purchasing so many items, sometimes you forget what you bought and it is like Christmas Day with every box that comes in.  I also love when we put the items out on the floor and know that customers are able to find classy and quality items in York, Nebraska.  That is exactly why my mom and I took the chance almost two years ago to change our gift store into a clothing boutique…(more to come on this story in my next blog:)

So, what trends are you going to see and love this Fall?  High-waisted jeans with exposed buttons, balloon sleeves, more leopard, confetti sweaters, flares, floral and color block sweaters, just to name a few.  

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we will let you know when these items are hitting the floor.  As always, thank you for your continued support!

Here are a few images of our finds at Market: 


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