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6 Must Have Jeans for Fall

6 Must Have Jeans for Fall

Look #1

Criss Cross Camo Tank Top

KanCan 5 Pocket R&B Distressed Skinny

Johana Black Slide or Johana Cognac Slide

Look #2

Gettin Frosty With It

KanCan DW 5 Pocket R&B Skinny

Keds Rise Leather

Look #3

V-Neck Adjustable Strap Tank

Liverpool Gia Glider Pull-On Skinny

Carina Slides - ON SALE

Look #4

Z Supply Marled Sweater

KanCan Distressed Real 5 Pocket Skinny

Johana Black Slide or Johana Cognac Slide

Look #5

Striped York Dukes V-Neck

Distressed Hem Skinny Jean

New Balance Lifestyle Sneaker (In-store only - Call to order)

Look #6

Button Back Sweater Tank

Liverpool Abby Hi-Rise Ankle Skinny

Carina Slides - ON SALE

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