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Kirby's Favortie Things

Kirby's Favortie Things

Are you done Christmas shopping? If not, your are in luck! Our fearless leader has put together a list of her favorite things to kick off the holiday shopping season. All of the items in her list will make for great gift items for everyone from family and friends to teachers or daycare providers. Stop in to shop all of these items and more this week to finish your list!

Makeup Junkie Bags

These are great bags as you can fit many items in them and they will still lay flat in your suitcase.  The interior cloth can be wiped out if anything spills!  They come in different sizes and the smallest size is great for your purse.


Ceciela and Madison + Barrett Bracelets

Talk about two great companies!  These bracelets add so much to your wardrobe and look great when worn together.  

Cracker Seasoning

When using this seasoning, it is so easy to make a snack that everyone loves.  All you do is add oil and the seasoning to saltine crackers and shake the bag, NO baking!  


These are everyone's favorite frozen drinks.  You can make them with alcohol or juice, depending on the occasion.  You can make them ahead of time and leave them in the freezer for when you are ready for a refreshing drink.

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