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Under $25

  • Metal Dangle Earrings


    Metal dangle earrings with chain link look. Gold and silver choices.

  • MSMH-Breathe Blessing


    BREATHE  In a time of need, run your finger along the simple string of the Breathe Bracelet; grasp the medal, and just breathe. By simply focusing...

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  • MSMH-Filled By Faith


    FILLED BY FAITH Innate within us is the deep longing for something greater than ourselves because we know that we are incomplete. “...our hear...

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  • MSMH-Serenity Blessing


    SERENITY May you experience the feeling of calm and peace. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of the protection that surrounds you and the love that...

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  • Pearl Wide Headband


    Gorgeous lilac headband with pearls. This is a gorgeous statement piece.

  • Perfume Atomizer


    Secret No. 28: Carry your favorite perfume with you and leave your full-sized bottle at home! Fill from the bottom and spray from the top. Keep in ...

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  • Phone Dash Accessory


    For those who love their phones. And those who love those who love their phones. Keep your phone from moving when you’re on the move. Give yo...

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  • Seamless Ribbed Bralette


    Seamless Ribbed Bralette with adjustable straps and removeable padding. Soft and stretchy.